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MEMber Owned Wealth Builder

MEMOism is the only trusted system giving consumers…

  • monthly cash

  • more net worth

  • a wealth creation vehicle

  • an easy way to prepare for retirement



With each purchase in the MEMOism system…

  • We give members a little bit of company ownership.

  • The ownership gives monthly cash to the member.

  • The monthly cash can easily give 100% of the purchase price back to the member, over many years.


With 100% cash back, members easily create wealth.


Welcome to MEMOism a MEMber Owned Wealth Builder.


You are invited to become a member today.


Carlos the Taxi Driver

Carlos is a taxi driver. At one time, he leased cars from the local taxi company and his lease payments were spent, gone forever. This is how capitalism works…consumers spend money and never see it again.


Then he met MEMO Cab. Carlos began to lease cars from MEMO Cab and receive a little bit of company ownership with each lease payment. The company ownership gives monthly cash to Carlos. This cash can ultimately give all of the lease payments back to him, creating wealth.


He has been with MEMO Cab for more than three years and today he has more than $2,600 of company ownership. This is giving him up to $52 a month of cash, forever. This amount is increasing because he is a Founding Member. His ownership can grow into more than $500,000 of ownership, with up to $10,000 of monthly income. Many consider these amounts to represent wealth. Become a Founder Member.


Another driver has more than $6,000 of company ownership and he too is on the road to wealth.


There are many more examples of members creating wealth with MEMOism. You can join them and also become a Founding Member.


The Rich Get Richer

That’s what you keep hearing. It’s true. The rich are getting richer, because they have money to put to work for them, again and again, in a joyous cycle of growing prosperity. The rich are able to use their money to earn more money, while the working class has little or no money to put to work.


Most people live paycheck to paycheck and cannot get ahead. They are stuck financially. People earn money, spend it, and have to earn more. It is one vicious cycle of earning and spending, earning and spending until they die. This leaves them with little to no money at the end of the day to get ahead financially.


The MEMOism system allows the working class to WIN financially. The system is very straightforward. Members spend money and receive a gift as company ownership. The members earn cash monthly. More they purchase, more income they have each month. This system helps them get unstuck. Members are on the spending road to wealth. MEMOism.


The FAQ page has more information about spending money and increasing monthly income.

Most people would like to spend money that increases their income.


Become a Member



Too Much Money in the Hands of Too Few?

It is reported that 1% of the world’s population owns almost 50% of the world’s businesses and real estate. Imagine, 1% owns almost the same amount as the other 99%. The rich are getting richer. It is how money works. If you have money, you get more money. The rich fund businesses and become richer.


Only a handful of families control the finances of the world. Some say it is five families while others say it is 13 families. Either way, a small number of people control a whole lot of the “world”. Financial freedom is one way to fully control your own life.


Imagine a way for thousands, even millions of everyday households to have the ability to fund businesses, with a few dollars a month. These households would begin to become richer. As a group, very rich.


The power of people, many people, can change the world. Look at crowdfunding of new ideas. Many great ideas are funded by many people with a few dollars. Useful gizmos are manufactured. Entertaining videos are produced. The world is made a better place to live because many people believe in “an idea”.


MEMOism is funded by the crowd, in a cooperative effort to help one another succeed and become richer. It’s a team effort. A crowd of MEMOism believers will change the world for the better. As you give, you shall receive.

With MEMOism, WE establish and buy profitable companies. The companies WE buy are in six business groups, which is almost a complete economy.

  • Stores and Restaurants

  • Transportation

  • Housing

  • Financial

  • Health Care

  • Education


Would you like to see MEMOism fully established, coast to coast?


Who Created MEMOism?

At this point, you must be wondering who created MEMOism and the person offering you this opportunity. My name is Jay S Faulkner, Father of MEMOism.


MEMOism is the result of my dream to help others have more financial success.


Here is a summary of my journey to MEMOism.


In the early 1990s, I formed Spiritual Keys, a 501(c)3 nonprofit. I published and mailed inspirational Christian postcards weekly, free of charge.


I started the CEP (Consumers and Entrepreneurs in Partnership) company. Consumers received a discount on purchases and in-turn, store owners would gain more customers and profits. Helping each group have more financial success.


After retiring from the United States Navy in 1995, I became a real estate investor and landlord of 226 residential rental units, occupied by low-income households.


In 2007, I wrote the book, Everyone’s Guide to Financial Freedom. Teaching “everyone” how to have more financial success.


With book in hand, I attempted to form investing partnerships. The goal was to help the working class invest a little bit of cash each month in private companies. Most people don’t know anything about investing and are even afraid, thus these partnerships failed to grow enough to succeed. Hoping to help others create more financial success.


I formed Alpha Housing Solution a 501(c)3 nonprofit to allow low-income renters to be “owners” and share in the rental unit’s appreciation. Allowing renters to have more financial success.


Then in 2009, I discovered a way for consumers to have more financial success, while funding Alpha Housing Solution. The way is MEMOism.

  •  I knew ownership of private companies created financial success. I asked myself, “How can anyone accumulate company ownership?”

  • “What if people received company stock from purchases?”

  • “What if they received a rebate/bonus as company stock?”

  • “The net profit margin must be a minimum 10%, maybe more.”

  • I decided on the 4% rate for the rebate/bonus.

  • “Yes, many business owners reinvest profits to expand their business. That is what Members will be doing. Four percent of sales is reinvested in the business, benefiting the equity account of the purchasing member, not the equity account of current owners.”


MEMOism is MEMber Owned Wealth Builder


Founders of Huge Companies are Rich

Many founders of huge companies like, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Starbucks, WalMart and many others are billionaires. They are rich because they are the founders of their businesses.


Most people would not have been able to fund these start-up companies if they wanted to, because of the law. The law states you must be “rich” to fund start-up companies. If you are not rich, you cannot play in the funding game.


Founding members of MEMOism is going on NOW. The foundation of MEMOism is being built and you can be a part of its building. Being a member while the foundation is being built makes you a Founding Member.


Founding Members have tremendous financial benefits. Receiving a 20,000% gain is huge. One dollar of ownership can grow into $200 of ownership.


As a member, you receive a MEMOism Founding Member membership card (right away). After the completion of the MEMOism foundation, you will receive a Founding Member certificate, to hang on the wall.

For more information about the benefits of being a Founding Member, visit the FAQ page of this website and read about the Ten Stages.


Would you like to be on the “ground floor” towards easy riches?


Become a Member, a Founding Member

(Only $10 a Month or $100 a Year)


Not Enough Affordable Housing?

Many low income households have a hard time paying for a home. Many are receiving government assistance because they don’t have enough income. They are stuck. As mentioned above, their habits have caused them to be stuck. If they could only have more income, they wouldn’t need government assistance. We are paying more and more taxes to pay for government assistance. We want to help the needy, but we also want the needy to earn more money.


 Yes, the answer is MEMOism. Poor people can join the MEMOism system and begin to receive company ownership and receive more income. This is one big reason WHY MEMOism needs to grow and develop quickly.


MEMOism also supports affordable housing that gives renters an equity share of the rental unit. The rent is affordable. As the rental unit appreciates in value, the renter gets a large percentage of the increased value, which could be thousands, maybe tens of thousands of dollars. The program is Alpha Housing Solution a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation.


 Becoming a member is smart and easy.

Members receive the following:

  • Make purchases to increase your monthly income. A powerful way to passively improve your financial life. Worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

  • Be a part of a powerful crowdfunding program to change the world—expand MEMOism into the far corners of the Earth. It feels wonderful to be a part of something great.

  • Be a Founding Member, on the ground floor of something huge. Giving you a huge financial reward and higher status in the community.

  • Help establish more affordable housing. It feels good to help others.

  • Receive the weekly email, MEMOism Newsletter. The newsletter is my way to keep members informed.

  • You can cancel your membership and greater financial success at any time.

Most people would like to have all of this.


Become a Member (Only $10 a Month or $100 a Year)